miranda chao

technology + art

Designing, Developing, and Evaluating User Interfaces

For my class on UI/UX this past fall I studied many aspects of user interface and user experience design and evaluation, learning about both evaluation of design and the process of design itself. For the class I had several design projects that exercised my skills and allowed me to further my experience.

Designing for Accessibility

Several of the assignments called for a redesign of useful everyday objects, such as redesigning for a mouse without click, or redesigning an object that you use. I chose to concentrate on accessibility and ease for multiple users in my studies. Redesign for a mouse without a click ability. Also useful for devices beyond mouses/touchpads. I was sick and using some disposable thermometers, and found that they could really use a more understandable and friendly-looking redesign. I gave it a try, indicating to the user some easy-to-understand markers so they would be able to use the thermometer without much confusion. This is a wireframe I did for my part in a group final project. We decided to design an app for Brown students that would make campus interactions much more accessible, and not as spread out as they currently are.