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Touch Art Gallery

Touch Art Gallery was an ongoing project of the Brown Graphics Lab which I joined in the summer of 2015. It is a digital museum exhibition aid that allows users to explore content using Microsoft's deep zoom technology. In 2015 we were asked by the Nobel Foundation to make a specific rendition of TAG that would be used for a traveling exhibit on Alfred Nobel's will. This was an intense experience that involved much client communication and allowed me to really develop my UI/UX skills very quickly, and this was the end result. The aesthetics of the project were based on the exhibit's existing atmosphere.

The interactive will of Alfred Nobel, with connections to collections and tours that allow users to further explore content. These screenshots show the appearance of tours and collections within the Nobel Exhibit. The Nobel laureate collection was a special collection that TAG and the Graphics Lab designed for the Nobel Exhibit exclusively. This collection allows viewers to explore all of the winners of the Nobel prize, viewing particular details about their accomplishments and sorting by different types of metadata.

You can read more about our collaboration with Nobel here.