miranda chao

technology + art


NuSys is an ongoing project of the Brown Graphics Lab, and is an electronic whiteboard application built with the intent to make gathering, organizing, and presenting data a more fluid process. By combining the brainstorming benefits of a whiteboard with the abilities of a mind-mapping application, NuSys can allow users to more easily explore their content.

It is a new project and was only really started in spring 2015, and I have designed the majority of the UI/UX for it so far. NuSys is still on its first iteration design-wise and will be changing rapidly, as my understanding of UI/UX and our understanding of what our software can do grows.

Splash Screen and palette A NuSys Workspace

Different forms of the NuSys workspace, showing the library window and the menu which can be brought up at will. The open workspace is meant to reflect the unbounded nature of the environment in which the user can organize their content. NuSys is meant to work on all screen sizes but this specific model is meant for the Microsoft Surface Hub. The library is supposed to be a repository of all the content that is either on or imported to the workspace. The content is stored in the cloud, and the library allows users to drag content from the library to the workspace. The menu is visible upon double tap and allows the user to switch between different modes so they can organize their content on the workspace. Throughout the making of NuSys I have experimented with different visualizations for data and for the "node" concept, which is the primary form of content on the workspace.

This work is all done through the Brown Graphics Lab, and I am excited to see where it will go!